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ELWAH Dance & Research Group

Project Type

Research-Driven Choreography


Founded in 2005



ELWAH Dance is an award-winning African Diaspora dance company, research group and community dance healing organization. Colette's first major project was choreographing the 98 Dunham Tribute in collaboration with Ruth Beckford, Carolyn Himes and Laila Perez. Focused on igniting human connection, self-actualization and community empowerment, ELWAH Dance & Research Group was founded by Director and Choreographer, Colette Eloi (ELWAH). Established in 2005, its goal is to present research-driven African-rooted performances, as well as facilitate memorable and life changing events for all occasions. Through ELWAH Dance, Colette aims to foster deep beauty in the world.

ELWAH Dance also hosts dance-research retreats to Africa and the African diaspora.

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